Touch Gesture Updates

Launch Retrospective

August 15, 2013

Two-Finger Swipe First things first. A two-finger swipe gesture has been added. You can download this gesture directly, or by downloading the updated zip on the homepage. Those of you who donated or subscribed to the mailing list should’ve already received a link.

AFSP Donation

So far I’ve raised a total of $103.50 for AFSP. After Simple Goods processes the services fees, that leaves $95.54 for charity. That amount came to me in two deposits (each payment releases every 7 days). Ahem.

Web Roundup

I’ve said it everywhere and I’ll say it again. I am completely blown away by the response. Thousands of tweets, and a lot of features online throughout the web that helped these get some traction. Here are a few that I’ve tracked down:


I realized at launch I was making visitors ‘force endorse’ by not having any kind of preview available online before sharing or purchasing. So I put samples online. In the first 48 hours, it had received over 1000 downloads.

Next Update

In September I’ll be sending out an update with a basic AE project file with practical uses of each gesture on wireframe ‘views’. Additionally, I’ll be exporting a set of linear gestures. The linear animations won’t look as nice as the current ones, but will be far more useful in apps like Photoshop where you don’t have as much control easing.